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Weather Of Bhutan

Weather conditions in Bhutan

It is the altitude that determines general weather and climatic conditions in Bhutan. Northern Bhutan has mountains rising up to 7000 meters, creating the weather conditions similar to the arctic. Towards the south Bhutan that is closer to India, weather in summers remain hot and humid whereas winters remain cold. Monsoon rains are heavy. In order to visit the lower parts of Bhutan, winter is perfect. High altitude areas remain frozen in the winters.

The best times to visit Bhutan are spring (March-May) and autumn (late September – November) when the weather is warm, dry and sunny. However it is advisable to carry a couple of warm clothes when you travel to Bhutan regardless of the season.

Bhutan has four seasons:

1: Spring (March, April and May),
2: Summer (June, July and August),
3: Autumn (September, October and November) and
4: Winter (December, January and February).

However, its weather is difficult to generalize. Depending on the altitude, the climate varies from semi-tropical to alpine (For every 1,000 m height increase the temperature drops about 7 degree Celsius).

In Southern Bhutan, the climate is tropical in the monsoon season and may range from 15 degree Celsius in winter to 30 degree Celsius in summer. The east is also warmer than the west.

The centre enjoys sub-tropical climate with very cool winters while the northern parts of the country have harsh climate including snowfall two to three times every winter.

In Thimphu the temperature ranges from -2.5°C in January to 25°C in summer with a rainfall of 100mm. In the high mountain regions the average temperature varies from 0°C in winter to 10°C in summer, with an average of 350mm of rainfall/precipitation.

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What our customers have to say

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What our customers have to say

Thanks to you and our very nice and patient guide, we had an amazing experience. He was very patient with our questions about Bhutan and very gentlemanly during the entire journey. We appreciate it very much

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