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  • How Can I get to Bhutan?
  • When the Season and Off-Season months and what are the difference?
  • What about my Visa?
  • Can I apply for Bhutan visa myself?
  • How does my Visa look?
  • What is Minimum Daily Tariff?
  • What does the Minimum Daily Tariff include?
  • Who has to pay the Minimum Daily Tariff?
  • What currency is acceptable in Bhutan?
  • What should I expect in Bhutan?
  • What do I pack for my trip to Bhutan?

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What our customers have to say

A great trip, thank you. Also appreciated Bishnu, our driver.


What our customers have to say

You have wonderful guides. They are well educated, highly informed problem solver, historian and good communication skills. They showed us presentation from normal programme with different topics. They let us discuss interests – photography and arrange programme accordingly. They always showed positive energy and passion to us. They never argued, instead suggested. We are very happy. My husband was very happy with them as he describe him as professional guide. Thank you so much.


What our customers have to say

Thanks to you and our very nice and patient guide, we had an amazing experience. He was very patient with our questions about Bhutan and very gentlemanly during the entire journey. We appreciate it very much

Yingjie Wu

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