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Bhutan Visa

Bhutan Visa

Since Bhutan’s Embassies around the world will not issue visa, you must get your visa approval through a licensed Bhutanese Tour Operator.

➤ Once the tour plan has been fixed and your flight tickets booked, you will need to send some details regarding personal information and your passport copy in colour. A 100% payment in advance is required after that. It is guaranteed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan that your money will be safe as long as you are making your tour arrangements through a legitimate Bhutanese Tour Operator.

➤ This payment is verified by the Tourism Council and your documents will be forwarded to the Immigration Department for approval.

➤ Once approved, a ‘Visa approval’ copy will be emailed to you, which, you will need to print out and carry with you while boarding your flight to Bhutan. NOTE: You will initially receive the approval copy only; your actual visa will be stamped on your passport upon arrival in Bhutan.

As per the company’s policy, we will send your visa approval within 7-10 days prior to your date of arrival in Bhutan; however, it will be possible to send it earlier if the need be

For better service and convenience, it is advised that the travel documents and payment be sent at least a month prior to the date of arrival in Bhutan as the visa approval process will take at least 2 weeks.



It is mandatory that you must book your tour through a licensed Bhutanese Tour Operator or an International Travel Agency associated with one. There are more than 1500 Tour Operators in the country but hardly 100 of them cater to more than 20 tourists a year, so it would be imperative for you to choose one such as us to make your tour arrangements to ensure that you get exactly what you paid for and the services are up to the highest standards. 1-derful Bhutan Tours (1-derful Bhutan Tours) has been in the business for less than 10 years but is quickly rising to the top and has secured position in the Top 30 Tour Operators in Bhutan.

Correspondence: We will keep updating you regarding your flights and hotel bookings and will not make any changes to the plan without your approval, unless we have no choice due to unforeseen circumstances which are out of our hand, about which, you will be informed.

Itinerary: Unless there is any unexpected circumstances which might endanger your tour, your trip plan will remain as you have booked.

Services: We do our best to keep things as transparent as possible and keep you in the loop regarding any developments, whether it is during booking phase, later confirmation stages or travel phase.
A bad guide is all you need to make your trip unbearable, so we pride ourselves in the sense that we use the best guides who not only have in-depth knowledge in their fields but are also attentive and caring to your every need. A lot of flexibility is given to them to tweak the itinerary so that it fits your requirements if any which makes a lot of difference in making a good experience great. Hotels in Bhutan will not compare to International standards but from all that is available, the best of hotels are used to make you feel comfortable, or if you have any choices, we will book what you want. You can also be a little adventurous and try some homestays and farmstays to get a better insight into daily Bhutanese life. You may also consider upgrading to Deluxe and Luxury hotels if you feel that standard hotels will not be up to your expectations


Write to us to book your tickets mentioning the sector you want to fly in and out to Bhutan from. We will book the seats and send you the confirmation within 24-48 hours free of charge. This booking will be valid for up to 1 month from the date of blocking.

It should be noted that, if you want to have connecting flights then you need to keep a gap of at least 12 hours for your next flight, especially while flying out of Bhutan. The reason behind this is Bhutan’s flights depend on visuals and not on radars and other equipments to take off and land, which makes it very dependent and affected by the weather. Slight weather changes can result the flights in getting delayed.

Once tickets are issued, you need to ensure that you keep a print out with you while going to board your flight.


Earlier, Bhutan had only one option of receiving International payments through wire transfers but since 2015 payment through credit card has been introduced. It should be noted that your visa will be approved only once you have made 100% payment. If you are sending your payment directly to Bhutan then you need not worry you will be cheated since your payment will be sent directly to the Toucism Council for verification and will only be released to us once your tour is over.

Wire Transfer: This method of payment is cheaper but can be confusing since there are a lot of details to fill up so that payment reaches Bhutan on time. Bhutan banks have links with few International banks and countries and payment are transferred via correspondent banks and usually takes about 2 working days for the money to reach Bhutan. You will have to send the remittance copy or take a screen shot of the transaction (if you’re doing it online) and send us the details so that your payment can be verified in time.

Credit Card Payment:Introduced in 2015, this method more expensive and is similar to Paypal where we will create an invoice and send you the link to make the payment. We will not require your credit card details for this as you will have to fill them up yourself.

OBTAINING VISA Once you have made your payment, it will be sent to our Tourism Council for verification after which they will approve your visa. Since Bhutanese embassies will not issue visas, you will not have to fill up lengthy forms and wait impatiently. We will require few personal details like your address, telephone, occupation and few other details and will apply for the visa for you.
Upon the visa being approved, we will send you the approval copy which you will need to print out and carry with you while going to board your flight (It is mandatory that you show your visa approval copy to board your flight at the airport). Your actual visa will be stamped upon arrival in Bhutan. Visa will only be approved once 100% payment has been made.

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What our customers have to say

A great trip, thank you. Also appreciated Bishnu, our driver.


What our customers have to say

You have wonderful guides. They are well educated, highly informed problem solver, historian and good communication skills. They showed us presentation from normal programme with different topics. They let us discuss interests – photography and arrange programme accordingly. They always showed positive energy and passion to us. They never argued, instead suggested. We are very happy. My husband was very happy with them as he describe him as professional guide. Thank you so much.


What our customers have to say

Thanks to you and our very nice and patient guide, we had an amazing experience. He was very patient with our questions about Bhutan and very gentlemanly during the entire journey. We appreciate it very much

Yingjie Wu

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