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5 tips to plan your perfect Bhutan trip

Update your documents

Have your passports updated. You need at-least 6 months of validity from the date of exiting the country.

Check for Peak and Off-Seasons

Bhutan has 2 different tourist seasons divided into 3 months each. The first Season is March, April and May and the second season of the year is September, October and November. During season times the minimum daily tariffs are higher at USD 250/ person per night and if you want to travel during these months than you should book your tour 3-6 months in advance to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences.

Off-season months are January, February, June, July, August and December. Since the flow of tourists is lesser during these months, the minimum daily tariff regulated by the Government is at USD 200/ person per night. If you want to avoid crowded places and want to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil stay then these are the months to go for.

Peak and off-seasons

Check Bhutan Flights

One of the main cruxes of travelling to Bhutan is flight connectivity and the number of flights flying into the country. In order to secure confirmed flight bookings it is advised to check with us at-least 3-6months ahead of schedule. Bhutan is connected by flight from a few places only, you can check the schedule for Drukair or Bhutan Airlines or contact us.

New Delhi

Festivals: Try to time your visit with any one of Bhutan Festivals
Bhutanese festivals are part of deeply stemmed culture and traditions and the dances tell the stories of how saints began spreading the Buddhist teachings and how they subdued evil. Time your visit around one of our Bhutan Festivals for a once in a lifetime experience. You need to book at-least 3-6 months in advance to avoid any unnecessary inconveniences regarding flight and hotel bookings.

Book in advance: No Charges
Initial bookings are free of cost. What this does is guarantees flight and hotel bookings and gives you an opportunity to decide at a later date if you really want to travel to Bhutan or not.

Book Your Trip

What our customers have to say

A great trip, thank you. Also appreciated Bishnu, our driver.


What our customers have to say

You have wonderful guides. They are well educated, highly informed problem solver, historian and good communication skills. They showed us presentation from normal programme with different topics. They let us discuss interests – photography and arrange programme accordingly. They always showed positive energy and passion to us. They never argued, instead suggested. We are very happy. My husband was very happy with them as he describe him as professional guide. Thank you so much.


What our customers have to say

Thanks to you and our very nice and patient guide, we had an amazing experience. He was very patient with our questions about Bhutan and very gentlemanly during the entire journey. We appreciate it very much

Yingjie Wu

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